NTX operates in the field of metrological data and the company is a supplier of specific equipment in the field of explosives.
In our laboratories, we are working with research and development to create the best implementation and continuous improvements of advanced products.
All NTX products are tested carefully and meet the requirements of health and safety.

We provide standard and customized services to respond every customer needs. We ensure accuracy and professional competence to meet every customer
demands and customer satisfaction is our priority.

We are certified and we work with the methodology and
procedures according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.                             


Furthermore, our equipment is LAT calibrated and we are using a business management system, SAP Business One, able to guarantee the traceability of the information, document
and workflows to provide a reliable service.

We sell and have exclusively equipment and
products to rent around the world. The equipment is CE marked and safety is very important to us.

In Italy we are exclusive distributors for Nomis Seismographs Inc., White Industrial Seismology Inc. and unique authorized center for
repair and calibration of monitoring equipment.